In 2013 we became the first Shopify Experts in Japan, and we have recently become Shopify Plus Partners, the only one in the country at the moment. This means that we have not only witnessed, but actively took part and enjoyed the growth of a community which has recently been gathering hundreds of new merchants, together with more Shopify-focused agencies, app developers and service providers.

Currently fully localized and optimized for Japan, Shopify is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for merchants willing to sell globally from Japan or to enter the Japanese market having an already successful Shopify store overseas.



For those who are new to the platform, we would highly recommend you check out the amazing Shopify website and blog.

We’ll simply say that the main reason we decided to work exclusively on Shopify-based projects, is that we love it. We love the infinitely customizable design together with its strong and flexible backend, and we love the fact that it makes us save time, energy and resources on maintenance. From a plug-and-play simple online store to a highly advanced, customized user interface, Shopify allows its merchants and partners to become digital innovators, experimenting and exploring with a constantly growing number of features, apps, contents and partners. All this, at a more than reasonable cost and with a basically infinite scalability, which allows hardworking merchants to handle very high volumes in a glimpse.



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Periodically, together with other partners and Shopify itself, we run Shopify-dedicated meetups featuring domestic and international guests. You can see a list of the previous meetups here, and, if you are around, you can receive notifications about the upcoming events by joining the community here.

The amount of localized apps is growing steadily. Our friends from Ship&co and Lunaris are currently doing a great job on logistics-related apps, the payment system KOMOJU has made convenience store payments possible in a country where credit cards are way less present than people think. We are currently working on some apps as well, and we are excited to share them soon with you.

The market is growing, the fundamentals are set and the community is very active. There couldn’t be a better moment to start selling to or from Japan through Shopify.



Our history of Shopify development and our bilingual team of web creators can offer you a 360° range of solutions for your online store on Shopify. Whether you are thinking of localizing your store to/from Japan, migrating your online store to Shopify or to starting a new store from scratch, we would be happy to discuss together your ideas and plans. We can offer multi-lingual high-end customized development, UI, UX, web design and online marketing services, and we rely on a strong network of incredible partners, from sophisticated graphic design and video studios to logistics companies.

If you would like to get in touch with us, feel free to send us a message here. We are looking forward to talking to you!