In addition, we are currently only accepting inquiries for projects on or looking to upgrade to Shopify Plus. If you would like more information regarding Shopify Plus, please contact us.


Enterprise Level E-Commerce Development on Shopify Plus

Enterprise Commerce With Limitless Scalability

From startups to enterprise level corporations, we have worked on the development of a variety of domestic EC sites through Shopify Plus.

On Shopify, product and inventory data can be managed directly inside the Shopify interface. Your online store can also consist of multiple sales channels, allowing products to be sold via different channels such as Facebook or Messenger. Products can also be displayed on other pages via the likes of Google Shopping or Pinterest, creating even more avenues to showcase your items.

  • Utilize Shopify Plus features in full
  • Operation support, manual creation


Global EC Strategy Planning and EC Site development

The ultimate solution for gathering global consumer data

In addition to Shopify Plus development, our bilingual team has experience in development of global EC sites for a variety of brand categories including fashion, home furnishing, retail stores, and even subscription based startups.

Utilizing our global experience, we will be able to assist you in setting up shipping solutions in a variety of countries (US, AU, UK, etc.).

With access to such a strong E-Commerce network and tools, we can collect real data on your target audience in the country you wish to expand in to help bring your store to the next level.

  • Planning, Development, and Support of Shopify Stores
  • Experience syncing and connecting the Japan Postal Service and FedEx, as well as clearing customs.
  • Operations Support, manual creation


Shopify Plus Store Management Support

Shopify Plus Experts

Under our support agreement, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the full support of Shopify Experts, including technical support.

Please refer to the details below for what’s included in this support package:

① General Inquiries

  • Responses to general questions and suggest various solutions for problems you may be facing.
  • Communication between third parties such as Shopify, App/Theme Developers, Payment Gateways and 3PLs (English and Japanese support).

② Store Development Support

  • Guidance on how to make the most out of the key functionalities within the current Shopify Theme.
  • Assistance in selecting and testing Shopify Apps.
  • Creation of a Staging Site for testing purposes.

③ Emergency Technical Support

  • Initial response/examination of Front End bugs and issues.
  • Initial response/examination of bugs and issues due to changes from external factors.

④ Advice and Guidance

  • Consultation on points of interest and on overall site improvement.
  • Consultation on improving business aspects.