Flagship is a Shopify Plus dedicated e-commerce agency based in Tokyo, Japan.

We are a global team of e-commerce fans and digital natives with an engineering backbone.

In 2013 we became the first Shopify Experts in Japan, and we have recently become Shopify Plus Partners. We are currently working on several Shopify and Shopify Plus projects with amazing merchants from all around the globe.

We want our customers to be able to focus on what they do best, strengthening their branding and developing new products, while our services and technologies will take care of the Shopify setup and development, task automation, localization and digital marketing.

We are devoted online shoppers ourselves, and we strongly believe that the potential of e-commerce is still mainly unexplored. If you believe so too, let’s discover more together.

Why Flagship?

Dedication to Shopify

Flagship is Japan's first Shopify Expert, and all of our work is dedicated to the Shopify platform.

The team that will bring you to Japan

Run by Japanese management, Flagship is local however with our team coming from 12+ nationalities, our internal day to day is English based and we are comfortable with doing business both in English and Japanese.

Engineering Backbone

Having started as an enginnering team, we are experienced and quick in crafting technical solutions for enhancement of functionality or automation of business processes.

Company Profile

NameFlagship Inc.
Board MembersCEO / Koji Jimba
CSO / Takumi Hamamura
Head Office5-3-23 WeWork Nippon TV Yotsuya Bldg, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 (5 min. walk from Yotsuya Station)